COOLA FILM AB has been here as an established company since the mid 1960's
We have produced some cool Animated films ever since, mostly for others, much bigger companies.
Most of our clients we have up here in Sweden of course - lots of refernces if you want.
In our old dungeons we have heaps of old films, parts of old films and tv-programs and other boring stuff you don't want to see.

Look ahead - thats much more interesting.
Imagine all those new bright ideas that is yet unborn.

cool Animated films
Cartoons and animation has always been where we start but not necessarily where we end.
we move from laser shows to documentaries and back to hand drawn cartoons.

COOLA FILM AB have by the years been leaning on a good network - thats perhaps one of our secrets.

All that interesting stuff around any production like posters, adds, prints of all kind, web production.
Campaign material, symbols, logos, graphical design - storyboards for live and animation, ruff or more sophisticated.
Just let us take care of it all.

Meet the producer animator and owner.