a space adventure in the kitchen an animated TV-series with a little human help.

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is an animated series, with small 2D space-characters in a 3D space, aimed at the 4 to 12 year old viewer, based upon real life story's but in space or rather in the 9 year old Suzanne's kitchen where she have direct communication with some Space Helpers that works in space above her house.

Out in space around the world, our globe, mother earth, there are things like satellites and old rockets that need to be mended, serviced, fixed and adjusted and there are lot's of spacemen taking care of things for maintaining reasons to keep the things circulating so they won't fall down in our gardens. Some of them are out there making scientific tests and observations and some others are there for helping the others and they don't really do any thing in particular.

Space Helpers is a show about growing up, exploring the world and finding your place in it. It's about that time when kids find inner strengths, learn to make choices for themselves and take responsibility for them. In each episode Suzanne, guides us through energetic, emotional stories that deal with real "kid issues" timeless difficulties and situations that all kid face. Above all, it's a comedy that tells its stories from a kid's point of view, without moralizing or talking down.

We now have a Bible to build the stories from, a guide to the characters in the Space Helpers world as well as the style and structure of the Series. The series depends on finding new ways to engage the viewer. We will find ways to make good ideas work.


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